26 December 2009

Dah Clash Mintak Duit Balik--bodo sial

jom2 bace aku nk kongsi satu cite nie..menda nie berlaku kat membe rapat aku jgk laa..

cam tajuk post nie kate, "Dah Clash Mintak Duit Balik" , aku xberada di mana2 pihak, just nk share ngn korang sume,

cite die camnie, membe aku nie perempuan, kapel awl tahun jgk, pastu hujung bulan 11 aritu dah putuss...

pastu baru2 nie die ad laaa kapel baru.. pastu mamat Ex die tu jeles kot?

tibe2 aje ungkit sal hutang2 lame..

korang xrase cam bodo ke mamat tu?

kalao aku laa...dah dulu pndai sngt spend money, xyah ar nk ungkit.

bukan awek die pksa kan2..

lagipon bg aku duit2 y spend mase kapel nie cam "pelaburan"

kalao dah clash tu, kire burn laa.. xyah la nk wat muke xmalu g tuntut balik kan2..

ad ke org y rugi saham pegi tuntut balik ngn syarikat? hadoii..

lao bley, mmg cam 0% risk la buat investment..ramai la y kaye, xde y bankrup..haha!

lagipon y die gtau, dulu mamat nie selalu je mintak duit ngn die,

tket bas die blanje...

pastu suh tlng mamat tu g amik duit dari bank,

mamat tu sapu sket duit..

tu y die gtau ar...

aku nk percaya, aku xtau kebenaran

aku xnk percaya, die rapat ngn aku

tapi ofcuz la kita nk support membe kan2

dari support org y kite xkenall..

Selingan agak2 kalao kire duit y aku spend ngn Ex dulu dpt brape ekk?

haha! aku xla bodo camtu.. org kate, let be gone bygone

or justin timberlake kate, what goes around will eventually comes around,

ingt pulak mase kecik2 dulu...

org tua2 selalu pesan, kalao dah bagi sesuatu,

dont take it back!

nanti buruk sikuu...

so konklusinye,

wat malu kaum jek.. dah bagi xyaa la nk mintak balikk...

pendapat korang?

CONTEST: PaLing Mudah~! Refer jee


haaa..btol nie.. kali ni Zoul The Donater y anjurka.. nie quote dari blog Zoul

Setelah difikir2 kan..aku telah mendapat satu idea untuk buat contest yang agk bagus la pada fikiran aku..contest ini pun mudah.just paparkan banner dekat bawah ni kat entry korang dan buat sedikit ulasan mengenai banner tu.setiap klik yang terhasil dari banner aku yang kat site korang tu.aku akan dapat detect.So,siapa yang dapat banyak KLIK,aku akan bagi hadiah..USD 10.MYR 40 kalau tak silap.(RM40).So,siapa yang nak join sila ambil banner ini.Post kan dekat entry korang.dan bg link entry tu kat ruangan komen aku..CEPAT TAU !! CONTEST NI SAMPAI 1Feb 2010 je tau.

tgk2? smpai FEB tahun depan, duration contest mmg agak lame. so bnyk la peluang nk tarik ramai referer..

syrat nk menang senang aje, cam quote kat atas tu...

REFERER terbanyk akan menang, klik2 la imej sy, nanti korang leh refer bnyk2 lagi

so ape lagi, Zoul dah bagi peluang nie.. nk sertai?

klik image kat bwh nie ^^


25 December 2009

Internet Download Manager 5.18 (DL Here) - Personal Review

Internet Download Manager Is Basically my Most Favorite Download Manager, its have
less hassle, not so fussy and easy to use.

although there is some of my friends suggesting other download manager, well,

im already satisfied with IDM function, that is user now can REFRESH DOWNLOAD LINK,
this function increase 90% rate of successful download..

for example, back then i always love to download games and movie which is BIG like 700MB ++

but then suddenly my internet got disconnected, OMG~!

what happen to my download?

when i click on resume, its will say that the website doesnt support resuming bla2..
which mean that all the file that u had download are now useless!

u need to REdownload...

waste of time and bandwidth.. i know cuz i had been through it...

i was once download this game like 90%+ to finish then suddenly its stop, and the site doesnt support resuming (like Rapidshare, and most of file hoster)

but with new IDM function, although the site doesnt support resuming,
but it will obtain NEW link instead of resuming using the old link..

so ur downlaod will Continue..

this basically cheat the server to think that user are REQUESTING new download..

instead IDM just RESUmING to where its left..

so im gonna share IDM with u guys..

this version doesnt require any Crack, patch or Activation..

which mean it is full version, and u DOESNT HAVE TO PAY

just install and EnJoy ;D

IDM Full Version No Patch Required

p/s: no files are hosted in this blog, noted that using crack software are illegal ;D

24 December 2009

2009 Top Download Movie Website Fast And Free - Personal Reviews

i know some of u rather choose torrent or p2p software to download movie,

so what are the advantage of using direct download? ok this is what i believe...

~direct download sometimes are faster than torrent (especially when u downloading

from a dead torrent....ahhaa!)

~second i personally think using p2p software are more,.... risky?

cuz there's a lot of trojan,adware,worms, fake movie, bla3...

ok there's a lot more to say.. but ENOUGH talk!

let get straight to da point~

my First TOP Website For Downloading Movie Is...


i think u already get it from the website tittle right?

300MB meaning that most of the movie are 300mb!!

u could save ur time and ur bandwidth (its free!)

especially for me, a celcom user i had a allocation of 5GB for monthly used

imagine if i had to download a crap quality movie for a 700mb?

wasnt that a waste of bandwidth, not even close to 7 movie,

my broadband speed already been controlled..wahaha..

300mbunited had categories from 720p BDRip BRRip CAM DDC DSRrip DVDRip DVDScr HDRip HDTVrip m-720p m-HD PDTV R5Rip SCR TCrip TS Uncategorized Workprint..haha. plenty of its right?

of course, choose what u think best,, i personally only DL from 720p, DvDrip, R5..

my advice, never DL a TS or CAM rip..unless u're so desperate..haha..

btw although size are compressed to 300mb, but the quality are great.

i remember watching a Chinese movie called Sniper(2009) with Blueray rip into 300mb

its even beats dvdrip 700mb..unbelievable hahaa..

plus 300mbunited really got this great hosting services which u can choose from megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire, hotfile, uploading, bla3 and a lot more.

so basically u can download all part at once, without having parallel download from same file hosting services.

so 300mbunited are truly no 1 website for me downloading movies



well, second goes to SYOK.ORG

i like SYOK cuz its doesnt only posted movies from Hollywood, but ,

its also posted movies from Korean, Japan, Indonesia, And Even MaLaysia..

last time i check u can download the malaysian team that won in laos full football

match video at SYOK.ORG.. isnt it great? u cant find that somewhere else..haha

the movies size here are depends.. sometimes u could get mkv or rmvb with 300mb-450mb

sometimes its 700mb which i rather wait for MKV or RMVB to comes out or find on other site..ahaha

300mbunited had been running since January 2009, that mean next year is 300mbunited anniversary..

while syok.org had been running since 2006--quite a long time isnt it?

i also find out that syok.org also been sharing things like games, software for pc

and mobile phone, ebook, musics and lots more back then. but i only go there for movie.

Syok usually using hosting like Mediafire,USAupload, NovaUP, QuickUpload, and some

other files hosting services. well, my favorite is always Mediafire. i know for some

its slow, but for me 50kbps is fast enuff.. well that is my connection max

speed..sad isnt it? haha u can tell celcom for thatt!

so what are so spacial about Syok and 300mbunited?

they are always fast and good in getting new movie RIPPED and publish =D

thanks them for that^^

ok lets go to our THIRD


a blogspot based website, which is called PrintUrLife..

i know the names doesnt sound like a movie based blogspot..ahaha quite confusing isnt it?

or its other name is ALL. 4u

its usually host it files on rapidshare, BigAndFree, Mediafire, Hotfile and some other hoting services..

as a blogger, u can just click to follow PrintUrLife.. to get new updates through ur dashboard..

since i already had my no 1 and no 2.. i dont want to elaborate long about this website.. so might as well try it urselff ^^


of course there is a lot more great website for downloading,

before i get addicted to 300mbunited,

im addicted to download from icanspeel and oneclickmoviez but since icanspeel are pages

are too heavy for me, while icanspeel are great, they got good file hoster but there

are too many files part to downloads, and they movie are 700mb+..

i know for some, its great, i im think of saving time with my slow broadband while saving some bandwidth.. so 300mbunited is for me.

so what do u think?

leave some comment below for Your Favorite Places TO Download Movie!

i dont care either it is some torrent, p2p, directdownload, blogspot, wordpress, or

othersss website, if u thinks its greats, and its ur favorite, please do share with

me and all other reader the website that u like to download movies from ^^

these are some other 300mb site that u might wanna try, ( i jus google it)

and never tried any of them..if its suck, well, blame the google =p






my next post will be about how to PAWN waiting time, meaning to download without LIMIT, FREE, can PARALLEL download (can download many files at the same times on same file hoster) for example Megaupload, Rapidshare, HotFile, and Lots2 more..

so be sure to check my blogs always ^^


P.S: im not a 300mbunited ripper or syok.org affiliate, im just giving FREE review

for us to share, they are not paying me ;(

so please do click on nuffnangs ads >> thanks ^^

if u like me then follow me =)

awsurveys- Paid To Answer Survey

im new to this site...somehow its looks promising...if u are intrested click on the picture above or click here

some might not be intrested because doesnt know how to cash-out their money, well there is easy way.. the one that im using now is creating a paypal account, click here to create paypal account..

how to use paypal?u can do online shopping from ebay, and alots more...

minimun cashing out from this website is 75$
but dont worry cuz each survey cost like 4$++
and each referrel will give u 1.25$
so its not that hard..

so what are u waiting for?
let try awsurveys

click here to join

Oneadney Bukan Haji Bakhil~!

Hai. Kawan saya nama Adney ada buat contest. Contest dia ni pelik sikit. Apa yang saya tahu saya join saja dan saya kompem-kompem dapat hadiah. Dapat TOPUP FREE, dapat DUIT FREE, dapat TEMPLATE FREE.

Kalau nak tahu lagi pasal contest ni boleh rujuk sendiri di laman blog saudara Adney sendiri di sini.

23 December 2009

Contest: Aku dan.....

haaa...meh rapat2 kali nie contest dianjur oleh cik vrdesign87 plakk

kali nk nk tulis entry lam bm pulak..

bukan ape tulis lam bm lebih "feel" maa...haha..

entry aku kali nie pulak tajuk Aku dan...GENG!!

sebenarnye ade member nie bnyk laa manfaat jugak... sebagai contoh peranan sbg student nie... kadang2 ade hal y kita lupa, sbg contoh kdg2 kita bngun lewattt..

tgk2 ade kelas pulak arine..alamakk..
tapi nseb bekk la ade member..wei2 bngun2..waalaupon nk gerak tu kasar, tapi membantu kita gak kan2?haha..
kadang2 xingt nk buat assignment...tibe2 member mcj "wei assignment techno ko da siap belom?"
tiba2 je laju je amik kertas A4 siapkan assignment..
ade kadang2 tu malas nk buat..(biasalaaA).. so copy je member punye muahaha...(jgn tiru aksi nie tau!)

tapi ade memmber gak, tgk la dulu member tu..
ad member makan member..
tapi bila bg istilah GENG nie, mestilah satu KEPALA

haha..cam geng2 aku nie, mmg satu kepala betol laa...
pegi kelas skali,outing skali, main game skali,buat assignment skali,
pape keputusan kitaorang bincang dulu..

contoh, "wehh nk pegi kul bape outing sabtu nie?"
"tnye budak2 ni nk kuar kul bapee...."
so pape hal, xde la y berkonflik..so happy jerr huhu^^

kadang2 bila satu kepala nie, ad gak y suka wat lawak sengal y gile2...haha..

kalu dipikirkan mmg lucu ar...lawak mmg sempoi n wat xtau malu jekk..
org rmai tgk cam heran jee..
boleh byg la buat lawak pelik2...
tapi sebab member satu kepala, masing2 wat xkesah je..
xde nk simpan dalam hati..
tu laa y best sal geng sekepala aku nie..

tapi kadang2 tu ade jugak smpai xtahan...
ad y terasa..
lalu mula la meminggirkan diri dari geng..

alaah salah pahamm..
bumi mane y xditimpa hujan kan2..lagipon BEST FRIENDS smpai 7-8 org ni biasalah..
y 2 org pon bleh gaduh..bleh bayang x ?

aku ingt lagi, tiap2 malam mesti lepak bilik satu geng nie..
bilik die dahla kecik, sebab bilik 2 org je..
tapi y lepak smpai 7-9 org..bayang laaa..
dengan bising nyee.. main counter strike, dota la, layan movie rmai2..haha..
pastu y xtahan skali, lepas ngantok, terus tido kat bilik tu jekkk..
bilik y spatot 2 org disumbat 7-9 org..
cam sardin la...

ad y tido atas lantai..
kadang2 smpai owner bilik pon kena tido atas lantai..
katil aku sapu muahaha...
syok o..
org tgk pon herannn..
tu la serba sedikit sal geng kamching aku niee...

harap cik vrdesign87 enjoy kah2...

sape2 y berminat nk join, klik sini

Black & White Photography Contest

i been wondering around and saw a couples of people participating in this contest...
well, looks fun to me..

especially i'm currently in sem break, so there's a lot of time to kill..

if u are interested in joining this contest, please click here

below are my entry for this contest...hehee

actually i just randomly pick a picture on my desktop
and edit it a bit to complete the contest entry..haha..

this is the picture of me in sem 1 before going in classes..

actually waiting for lecturer...

hope mr thecamerajunkie will like it =p


give away contest from Zarithanyone intrested to join?

click here

below is my entry picture..hehe

this is what me and my cat think about
zarith picture contest ahaha

this is what happen when u put a black cat into a washing machine..hehe

the most "alive" hat a frog could have..muhaaha..
and a free ride for a snails.

last but not least...we dont wear shoes, but we tied it...^^,

so anyone intrested in participating this contest,
click here

22 December 2009

about me:Video version

my full name
actually i created this video for computer application subject, to make a video of urself..nothing much i guess, just about me, trying to share it here so that i wont miss it next time in cases if i accidentally deleted the original video or whatsoever..hehehe...

the video was uploaded on my facebook instead of youtube.. dont know why i choose facebook to upload my video..aha

20 December 2009

circumcision photo essay.....photo essay berkhatan ...credit to www.avercine.blogspot.com

i remember when i was 11 years old, my late father brings me to perdana Clinic in Panji, at first we;re planning to go to Dr Romzi @ Dr Rozi clinic, but the appointment are full, so we dont have any choice but to go to the clinic just over the street.

thinking of others had said, circumcision is pain bla3..actually its not that painful,
just pain at the beginning when the doctor are injecting a "ubat bius".
i remember a doctor and a nurse doing the job..
a women nurse..ahhaa
they are doing they job while chatting about going vacation

never had any complicity after that..till noww..ehehe

video credited to www.avercine.blogspot.com

after 4 days - or less back in kelantan...

after final last wednesday with electronic systems paper at 10.45, i went back straight home that night riding Mutiara.. kinda shock cuz mutiara buses usually new, but that night it was an old busses with new paint, cant even change the chairs position.

but the good thing is i arrived safely without any problem from kangar-9pm and arrived in kelantan at 5am near the TM @ or the kota bharu busses station.. and call umi to pick me up then arrived homee at 5.30. home sweeet home.

first day is nothing,, just getting used to old environment and trying to adapt the old habits back..hehe..
second day farhan ask me to go out.. we havent got anywhere really to go..
then he ask me either i have been to Giant @ pacific in the middle of Kota Bharu or not. so i told him, i had never enter the building, not even once.. first glance, was kinda shocking cuz the building looks really big, but inside are soo small,..
and theres nothing really inside,,,, nothing intresting but clothes.. but they do have sony centre there..and i saw an advertisment that Psp Go is coming..wow after Psp 3000 is hackable now sony are making new psp model, the best part is its got extended, or kinda slide keyboard..i remember once my old psp 2000.ahah..then we saw a 2.9KG notebook of sony vaio..too bulkyy-not an ideal notebook really and displaying beside that nothebook is 2.3KG with core2duo 2.8GHz with nvidia chipset..wow nice ahha..

the suprising part is, when we are looking toilet, we havet to get the third floor back, and follow the signboard.. and then we met the "secreT" passageway..ehee.
so its true that the thing should be bigger when we found this secret passageway
that actually parkson are not 100% completed...
its was like 50%-60% only ocmpleted. but the other 50%-40% are just looking about 80% to be completed.. i bet it will finished by chinese new year this 2010.

there really no one guarding the places, or anyone working on the site, maybe becuz its 6++pm.

third day someone came to my house to met me..
and i and someone went to taman tengku anis at pengkalan chepa around 3+ pm. and the rain is just finised there..so its cold and damp..
while walking around we saw a couple who just married is in photoshoot session. i think they;re chinese. but the scenery at that time is soo damn gorgeous
but i dont take any pics =x
too bad that i cant share with anyone here heehhe

fourth day is today... and is sunday but who know what gonna happens next? now is 7.35am..........