27 July 2009

after 2weeks 1day of poly

it really been awhile..and soo far is well done! cuz it doesnt matter hows the situation is, but when your nawaitu here is to study, well, you just study and doesnt care of other things. some said they were bored,some said there were nothing to do here. well, not for me. it really is plenty and rich in here, not cuz i have a broadband-but you know how to arrange,manage your time.. first week, the orientation is terrible,miserable, but it was totally worth of getting through with. thanks to all the senior for well planned orientation.u GOT me there!!it was soo well planned that its look so real,and soo fun at the end that i dont even have any of them like i do before.hehe..second week we were divided into classes,my class is dTKa1 consist of 7girls the rest is boys.but hearing the rumor that dTKc1 will be joining our class,half of them and another half will be joining dTKb1.going third week,most of student went home cuz monday is holiday for israk mikraj. everything went smoothly,,though we do experience some creepy night of the 3night,but it was fun to have some ghost trying to scared you off while you dont scared a sh!t but stay on what you been doing...strange..fourth week, we went to alor star..it much better than kangar-a cowboy town.need a lot of improvement SERIOUSLY.. overall,im trying my best to conquer mathematics while computer application,technician science is soo much fun, but electricity technology and electronic systems look soo similar to physics...however i really like engineering practical.. bout this week, my tv card,expresscard broadband modem will be arrived along with my sony ericson g900 that was sent to the shop due to damage 3-4 weeks ago that cost with RM150 although still in warranty,(s@#!@#D shop!)