12 November 2009

About My Self Computer Application Assignment





this post is created to fulfill computer applcation assignment on internet to

blogging and create a post about yourself with some picture.

My Full name is Ahmad Sobirin Yaaqub bin Ismail

I am number 6 from 9 siblings.

were born in kelantan, and originally from Kelantan.

My hobby is playing computer games, blogging during free times and when i feel like

to, photography, and playing petanque is my favorite sports.

i never went to kindergarten when i was 5 nor 6.

but i enter primary school when i was 7 years old at Sekolah Kebangsaan Demit

and finished UPSR with 4 A's.

I Further my study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 1 which is the

Ex-School of Misha Omar till form 3,with PMR result 4A4B.

then i further my study at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Pengkalan Chepa from 2007 till

2008 at "Perdagangan" courses and end SPM with 4A(bm,bi,est,sej)

now im currently studying at Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Polytechnics on Computer Engineering courses.

I Am proud to be here, and i feels lucky.

that is the end for my assignment..

thank you for reading..


i finally found all my lost items like pendrive,

mouse for hp mini,PAI module,and some other stuff..

a very good improvements..heehee..

tomorrow im not sure about going jungle trekking..

cuz i had to go there by myself..alone...

all my other frend had cancel...lol~

very pity...

plus kinda dissapointed a bit with my test result..huhu.

work damn hard more dude..

i will be submitting my assignment for Computer Application for next post..heheee

11 November 2009


remember about my last post?
titlle IM MAD..

just now the boy came to my rooms

well of course, what i said come true

i been expecting it..

and it doesnt shock me a bit

hes asking for a fight

why not?

cuz i never wrong at the first place..

i didnt get major injury,just minor injury on eye.

overall, i ask him if he wan to settle a good way, or a bad way.

without hesitate hes asking for good way,

well good then..

bad way > call all my backup
second < report to warden he will get kicked from ptss for 2 wrong doings>

or a good way,
some advice,not to repeat and some sorry then settle

he made a good decision..

i wont hesitate to do anything
and im not afraid of anyone
when you know you are TOTALLY true

this is my blog

wer i expressed myself

8 November 2009

im mad >:(


ok heres the story...

right on my way back to politeknik on busses..

and im soo sleepy..and at that moments a indian girls sit next to me..

well that not the points..

my main sucject is about the couple sitting infront of me..

when i fell asleep.

then i woke up, i felt suprised..

those 2 malays were having romance kiss..

i cant stand it..

so i punch the boy chairs..and said..

Me:woi ko buat ape tu..agak2 a..

He:ape? ape ko nie? mane ade aku wat pape?

Me:ko ingt aku xnmpak ke..ko nk wat maksiat jgn wat depan aku,nanti aku kena tnggung skali

he: suka aku aku la..menyebok je..

then i ignored him..well,i did my responsibility right?

there also another couple sitting the third row, having "meraba2" his gf..

why are girls nowday soo cheap?

romancing in public area?
what do u think im blind?
what do u think of no sins?
what do u think of parents of yours?
where ae your dignity?
dont show ur stupidity to public..
im not intrested...

well,now the guy are looking for me for saying that to him..

look, i dont scared a bit.

im on the right path

i will win somehow

even with a bruised on my face.
i will always win..

i just hope my readers..

respect others
respect ur religion
and have a SHY inside yourself..

lastly, im not good
im not "kaki-PI"
im not the best man
im not jpp
nor jpk

but im a part of community..

whatever the sins you do, the "bala" will oso
come to me...
so bear that in mind..

dont let me do worse you Fuc!@r

see you soon...learn something from this post alrite? xD

after soo long been missing...im back..haha



havent update for more than 2 months lol..

so here some things i would like to share..first, when im going back to kelantan,on bus..alone at the mot back on the right seat..fun..haha..

then arrived..doing some !%$@# routine..playing pko.. to make it short,i got scam for about rm500+..and now im quitting xD

then raya day...first day,im not going anywhere in the morning, but about 4+ i went to mazni's house,then my bahasa melayu teacher..syok! haha..
second day sleep all day.zzzz
third day tengku ask me to go to her house..shes doing some BBq for her birthday..that was like an annual acticity for me for about 3years+ shes been inviting me..fun again..third raya sleepzz..fourth raya is my open house day.. i think?not soo many frends come..dont mind..about 6-7 day of raya,the day i got scammed for 500+..dont wanna tell about it publicly =x..

next week...my HTc Touch Pro 1 got robbed...stupid robber..lost like rm1.8k+
so total lost in a week about RM2.3k..omg.~
just accept whatever happens...and learn something from it rite?
life goes on...huhu

then 3 weeks of holiday move soo fast..the next thing i know.i know im in busses from Langgar,KB to Arau perlis..soo fast rite?

and hell yeah..a lot of assignment keeps coming lol....
i missed ONE assignment already..that is Amali Kejuruteraan Labs Report..damn!

few weeks back, i get my self a new netbook..Hp Mini 110-1006Tu
overall good netbook,soo light,most of all good design..i bought mine a black colour.huhu..heres so preview pic

to make it short, few days back i had a mouth fight,more like a debate to me,but dont know how they accept it to be..4vs1..and im all alone..in my rooms..manage to put some point..what its all about? a secret i guess hehe...secret again damn me! xD

and about 2-3 weeks a go i enter English Public Speaking competition held by JPP@jrv..i manage to won second prize..without 100% preparation..well, nice try right? haha.i cant beat ex-politechnic representer..hes a senior sem 5 btw~ of cuz he got much more experience than me...

last week i went to jitra..first time arrive there..and second time watch movie in cinema haha..Surrogates...good movie..well,atleast wayyy a lot better than latest Harry potter that i ended up sleeping in the cinema for 40+ minutes..haha..waste of money..shyt movie =p

today going to kangar..cash out some money,then?

im not satisfied with my overall perfoamance during all presentation..the best is maybe the bi presentation...too bad i didnt record it to share with u people..hehe..
but its really spontaniously and straight from my heart..what the topic? an experience that made u cry.. what did i present? secret..

well,this is it for now i guess..
overall i think 70% is a bad day..oh well..
might as well listen to this music?
enjoy =D