25 December 2009

Internet Download Manager 5.18 (DL Here) - Personal Review

Internet Download Manager Is Basically my Most Favorite Download Manager, its have
less hassle, not so fussy and easy to use.

although there is some of my friends suggesting other download manager, well,

im already satisfied with IDM function, that is user now can REFRESH DOWNLOAD LINK,
this function increase 90% rate of successful download..

for example, back then i always love to download games and movie which is BIG like 700MB ++

but then suddenly my internet got disconnected, OMG~!

what happen to my download?

when i click on resume, its will say that the website doesnt support resuming bla2..
which mean that all the file that u had download are now useless!

u need to REdownload...

waste of time and bandwidth.. i know cuz i had been through it...

i was once download this game like 90%+ to finish then suddenly its stop, and the site doesnt support resuming (like Rapidshare, and most of file hoster)

but with new IDM function, although the site doesnt support resuming,
but it will obtain NEW link instead of resuming using the old link..

so ur downlaod will Continue..

this basically cheat the server to think that user are REQUESTING new download..

instead IDM just RESUmING to where its left..

so im gonna share IDM with u guys..

this version doesnt require any Crack, patch or Activation..

which mean it is full version, and u DOESNT HAVE TO PAY

just install and EnJoy ;D

IDM Full Version No Patch Required

p/s: no files are hosted in this blog, noted that using crack software are illegal ;D


ainaa.leogirl said...

nanak software internet
downdoader nieyh...

Olak said...

nie linknye... sebenarnye kat atas da ade. xnmpak ek? xpe2...hehe...
copy paste link kat bwh =D


zures said...

o yeah klik klik...

aried said...

4shared ke?..hm, ok da ni..jgn rapid sudah

Olak said...

yea 4shared.. rapid xde owg minat hehee...