1 December 2009

Worlds Aids Day 2009

i just notice a lil second ago, from our Mr Know-It-All itself,Mr Google that today is World's Aids Day.
and is celebrated every year on 1st december and this year themes is Universal Access and Human Rights.the date is celebrated since 1995 and were officially proclamation by United Stated President
so maybe im about to share a bit about Aids, eventhough im not an Aids patients,
and i personally never met a aids patients, well maybe i do but i just dont know right?
its remind me of some back days ago im reading an Article from Mazidul Akmal blog saying that
Kelantan has the highest rate for this year for HIVs. as for me, even if that person is from kelantan nor selangor
somehow hes still a malay, and that doesnt make me relieve, why be happy because of kelantan have the highest rate of HIVs?
just to said that kelantan MB right now not doing good jobs? i dont think so. Look around you, this is probably the first time,
or maybe this year havent fully finished yet, or maybe whatsoever so called your excuse may be, its still happen in malaysia,
its still malay and its still happen to our fellow muslims. and that shouldnt be making you happy,
oh ok fine kelantan is near to golok,which a prostitute is easy to get from Thailand, or maybe the one who get infected is not
even from Kelantan, is that might be consider ? is it Pure kelantanese who got infected or just passer by who drop and get treatments
in kelantan, and because that cases happen in kelantan it is consider as kelantan responsible, MB responsible.
my personal opinion, u just cant compare and oil royalty to HIV-----ok off topic hehe..

Albert Einstein said, there are 2 things that are infinite in this world, first is the universe, and second is human stupidity.
yes of course sometimes,or most of the times we made mistake, because no one is perfect. no one does.
but sometimes the mistake we made, let us swallowed by darken side of life disease-HIV.
HIV had been on this world for decades, and the only disease with no cure..
strange isnt it?well according to mr favorite reference, Mr Wikipedia since 1981 to 2007 HIV Aids had killed more than 25 millions of people;
that was like 1 Malaysia isnt it? a total wipe out. but im pretty sure most cases are happening in Africa region. i remember some few years back,
watching national geographic about HIV in Africa, the causes of the HIV rate are soo high over there is because the goverment are not spending
enuff budjet,or not giving or preparing enough medical services for their citizens.plus, their citizen also had low public awareness about all this HIV nor Aids.

In The Nutshell, Aids is a really serious disease, once infected for life to suffer, life is the most precious things, something money cant buy,health
everyone is given a chance,ONCE, that is what AIDS is all about; never get in touch to it, or even close to it. well i wouldnt dare to.
well there is a saying goes prevention is better than a cure,in this care, there is only prevention but no cures.
sometimes we cant just blame people who do make mistake to get involved nor infected by HIV.they have their own reasons.
i know some of us hate reading long post,
so trying my best to keep it short ^^,
thank you for reading. and Happy Worlds Aids Days. of cuz u can do something about it. how? here's the link from Mr Google http://www.google.org/world-aids-day-2009.html

p/s: i have to removed my last post due to...err..Heart Mistakes?

30 November 2009

2012 Personal Review-Olak

i had been reading a lots of review, even some directly comments from my friends about 2012 movie,
so yesterday i decided to went to the cinema and watch them myself,well actually with my friends,Quyyum and Izdihar at Jitra Mall.
i arrived at the ticket counter arount 2.15pm and checking for the fastest movie will be played, and as coincicdence its the 2012 movie.the 2012 starts at 2.40pm
at first, we discuss and think either to take it or not because at that time, there was only front sit available, and some far apart behind seat.
izdtihar said that front seat suck, cuz u have to suffer a neck-pain. after reading all reviews and even heard from my frends,
i thought that watching it at the cinema is lot better than downloading, plus the DVDrip for that movie is still havent released yet.
after some discussion for 5 minutes, there was only 2 front seats left and some seats behind. so me and quyyum buy the 2 front seat
while izdihar take the back seat. got A4 ticket and quyyum got A3 ticket.

watching the movie at the beginning is a good plotting which help audience to understands what is the story is all about;
what is going to happen, when Dr Hemsley,at the beginning of 2012 went to india to meet his professor friends that was doing study
upon the rising of earth temperature on 2009. and showed us how political works, dont make the public panic, save ur ass first.
YES. its true without a very2 good sound systems, you wont enjoy 2012 fully. as in cinema, when an explosion occur or the earth shaking even the
tsunami striking or even when the plane is flying towards you, the sounds are soo reals.

among the script that i couldnt forget is when Gordon, new husbands of ex-wife of Jackson Curtis said in super market,just before the
large crack occur, that is, "you know other woman pays me thousand to touch their boobs, but you get it for free" ahaha..
then when the russian boxer, Yuri when they are in plane and about to move out the plane right off a snowy mountain,
Jackson was trying his hard ass to start the engine, then Yuri suddenly said" Engine......Start" a big laughter i bet..
the last script that is memorable, somehow not soo memorable cuz i forgot..hehe..
i think when his ex wife was watching tv, and Jackson called her and told her to move out of the house and something is going to happen and she said relax and everything is okay, while she was watching tv, and the Gabenor of California, Arnold Sw$%$# (i dont know how to spell) told people that everything is going to be ok and stable. then Jackson said to her "Hes an Actor, of course hes reading script"
that made me laugh..hehe..
of cuz there is a lot more rumors, but some that i remember are some of the best, my personal thought =)

the other things true about people said is YES, the Jackson's family are soo lucky? from when his ex wife were in super market and suddenly theres and earthquake
that crack the earth surface and happen right between her and Gordon, next is when Jackson just find out that a big catastrophe is about to occur
form Yuri's 2 sons, he rush driving Yuri's limo to his home and call his ex wife to get out of there, and when he arrived a large earthquake occur and when all the family members
are in the cars,a very deep earthquake that swallowing everything on its path, but by just riding a limo he surpassed the earthquake and was wondering why even the earthquake following roads..
then on their way to escape,an old man couple card was driving slowly on the road when he made his decision to run through the fences and suddenly an obstacle drop in front of the old man's card and crushed them.
so again Jackson's family got lucky.

when they arrived at their escape plane, suddenly their pilot died, and dont know how coincidence Gordon used to learn how to drive an aeroplane,so again
Jackson's family are safe..well if you watch the movie, you will see what i meant. Jackson's family are soo lucky, or
so called too-good-to-be-true. they even got luck in yellowstone park when the lava are spitting meteorite-like stone, and his van even swallow,not his van
but some crazy radio DJ van;s dropped into the volcano, somehow Jackson managed to hold on to the grounds and again he is suvived.
when hes about to enter the soo called Modern Noah's ship, hes almost well, die?

well, overall 2012 is a good movie and worth your money to watch at cinema..i will download it as my collection, but wait till DVDrip comes out.
but as other people said, 2012 is about Jackson's family got like 10000000000000000 luck on their side although Gordon did die when hes about to enter the Noah's ship;
a bad way to die crushed by large gears. Its got good CGI,well almost real. and they got good sound effect, good plot, and a very long but enjoyable story.
That's my personal review for 2012 =D
thank you for readings.