21 November 2009

GlobaL Peace Forum-PTSS

lately,(19-20 october to be exact) Jabatan Perdagangan With cooperation with Pusat Islam PTSS had held a Global Peace Forums with 5 panels and 2 moderators.
not trying to deliver a news here, but to give my opinion, and what i understands; and how i felts(personal feelings) with the events..

the events suppose to start at 8PM,but actually start at 9+
as usual, the "janji melayu" and the only reason Dewan Harum Manis was full cuz the attendance taken.

if not..ahaha..cant imagine
but, i personally would go even without some force...cuz its about peace..hehe
i somehow didnt get enough time to enjoy spending money on the stalls..cuz the stall closed at 10, but the event ends at 11.30+pm =.=
the timing sucks again..haha..

theres 5 panels, as i told earlier, 1 is a profesor madya from uum,then Hajah from Aman Palestine,A professor originally from Iraq but work here as lecturer,a kuala lumpur CRIMININALISE WAR representative,and a students from palestine doing PHD in malaysia..

i think overall professor madya from give the most boring speech..aha
i think he didnt have enuff preparation,and the way he delivered, sounds so damn boring..but, speech from Hajah is the most meaningful,emotional cuz she had been there herself to palestine refugee camp to see how poor things were,
how desperate all our brothers in palestine.
its Aman Palestine, not Aman Malaysia okeyh!
then the third one is from the professor from iraq,hes been focusing on how iraq was invaded,what the cause, who is saddam hussain..saddam is a dictator,
he use his army on his own people,his own citizen, but i only didnt satified on 1 point, i was going to ask him,,but no chances..damn!
my question:
why did saddam attack Kurdish village of Halabja?
didnt have a chance to ask..
then fourth panels,
a student from palestine doing phd here in malaysia
hes more focusing on how actually palestine used to be a big land
owned by palestine,and lived by muslims,jew,and christians..
then each part by each part is taken, even the holy lands.
his explanations let me understands more the situations on palestine,
what is happening? israel invaded palestinian,without the worlds even care at them
what is the great wall of gaza? to acquired and chased out palestinian
what is gaza? the only last stand for palestinian
how big is gaza? if im not mistaken,8 km width, 50km long
how many people is in gaza 500k+
how many palestine had become refugee? 6milion+
situations on israels and united states..
iran cant have nuclear power
but israels can...unfair
and second most boring is the lady,the representative from KLCW..btw shes not wearing a good equips for the event i think..cehh
but, the event had the WORST technical mistakes ever..
technical mistakes keep coming,while theres a lot of technician out there..
i see some other amateurs doing better than that lols~

i was sitting 7's row sit infront..and the guys behind me is soo called stupid enuff to make noise,talk,shitt*ng..
hes been teasing all panels,making noise, maybe he thinks its funny, but not for me
im trying to listen
if not,i wouldnt be here, espcially in front sit while my other frends sitting on 30+ row..
i bet hes better sitting behind,or dont even bother coming in lol..

anyway, try to search google for Criminalise War, that is the KLCW website,
though i tried few times, and didnt get into it..
btw,KLCW was established by ex prime minister of malaysia, tun dr mahathir..

overall, i hope they can reducedddd technical problems, its not just annoying but embrassing at the same time..

lastly, it was kinda strange what the hell did an autoshow do for a peace event? WTF