29 March 2009

Last Day At Work

well today is my last day at work. i manage to finish more than 30+ notebook today. and quite happy with it so that the new technician wont have much to do soon..heheh.. it feel soo sad to left my jobs,but life goes on as i m the one who decide to quit this early..nvm,maybe there's some hope for me somewhere else...btw, today i made 2 times trip to Magic enterprise to ask about my psp.first she said she dont know and they dont have that type of service-changing PSP firmware@software to pandora so that i could play download games. but when i call my frends,he said they have it.damn that girl is wasting my time and energy as i have to walk a long distance.the second time i go,i just left my psp,wrote down my names,phone number and problem so she just refer to another girl that working there.and after about 30minutes i receive one call from the shop confirming to do the process for about Rm80. SEE?? they shud have lower it i tink cuz she made me went to that place twice,it not like i dun have things to do. anyway.today is my last dayyyyy~~~so let enjoy to the fullest till i find new job?? hm...MAYBE ya MAYBE not..btw,congratzz to whomever who contribute@voting for the earth hour last nite yeah.i hope next year could be better lah..~~