26 March 2009

Hurm,this is malaysia boleh i guess!

not trying to take things too personal,but you can see for youself on the link below


well,is this malaysia boleh,or so called-MODAL INSAN. f**k with that. obviously they were just talking without knowing anything. if u cant even take care of ur own son,and still blaming others. and if your son can drunk and all.wtf with that..see 4 urself

anyway,lets Earth Hour!

25 March 2009

my pathetic but the best spm result~!

i been awhile,and i just think of letting you know about my SPM result.i know it SUCKs but it was atleast i could do...and im really sorry to my teachers(if any of them is reading) because i didnt get credit for their subject..so here goes.

math-7d <

i dont know why i still didnt get credit for my math,i know i done all i could..but that is all i could get>?soo sad le..but what done is done. i dont know where to go,nor where CAN i go because all university basic requirement is to get CREDIT in math so that you could enter..insyaallah there is future somewhere..math july paper? i dont know if i still have the guts to get it through it all over again..but i dont have a choice do i?

anyway,lets Earth Hour!

Earth Hour!!

we All want to do something about the earth, but dont know how and when to do. now there IS something we can do to our motherearth that is dying. it is by showing of ur support by joinning WWW.earthhour.org. all you have to do is to SWITCH OFF ur light! that is right! nothing more you shud done than that to show ur support. it worldwide event and is happening right in your house. it will be held,YOU shud held at 28/3/2009 at 8.30 PM. just switch it for atleast ONE hour! for more information,or local support you can refer to www.earthhour.org! Let Switch It OfF! hehehe...