3 March 2009

this is not the first post..

i dont know really what to write,anyway,look at my cute cat over there..on date. haha..wtf even cat is dating lol!!...anyway,i will probably talk about my job. i learn a lot from my job.. nobody really teaches me what to do,how to do. it just about me figuring my own solution how to solve the problems. the first day i went in, i thought i had everything what it takes...but it seems that i had soo much more to learn. well, im happy about it. i wont waste a chance of learning new thing, learning is fun u know. especially when that skills will comes out to be useful later. it made me more experience. it was like i can the problem,the source of the problem just by the description given by the customers, and give them a quick solution..it save his times. i dont mind doing some 'homework'.like i said. i love learning new things that i like very much, and will hope very much someone would willing to teach me more about things that i didnt know.i promise to be a quick learner although i might be the slow learner type..haha., anyway as the tittles goes, THIS is nos the First post. i did a lot of post but i didnt care about it.didnt know whre it went.haha..anyway, thinking that the result is just around the corner , dont know, but the rumor has it on 12/3/09. omg!! im scared..i didnt hope much, but maybe around 5 A's! insyallah! pray for me that i get,i also pray for all my fellow friends able to archieve his/her dreams.besides always be healthy. it strange to think that just a couple a years ago im at school studying,and hate it so much but now im missing it soo much. miss all my old friends. old lifestyles..haha.but life must goes on..well, i guess that it for now. c u later~