12 December 2009

Break The Damn Door!

Yesterday I was the last one to come out of our room.. after about 6.30 pm abg zizi call me and told me that our rooms door cant be open.. at that moment I am somewhere near poli’s lake walking and taking some fresh air.. about 7pm I reach my room, and theres about 5-6 people standing infront of my room’s door, quyyum, taufik ,mede, lan, and abg zizi… I saw them desperately trying to open our room’s door.
So I ask them what actually really happens. They told me that the door cant be opened, so I tried to open it with my keys. But the same things happen, actually the door locks, or gears is kinda loose that make no changes nor movement inner when you turn the keys about..

After really known the problem we decide to report to warden on duty.. somehow its ustaz yasir a.k.a the kamsis principal was on duty that night,supposed to be that night. And its about 7.10 we reach infront of warden’s office, and of course the warden office haven’t opened cuz its usually operated at 9pm. And pejabat penyelia just closed at 5pm..

Afif got lucky because he just went home foe sem break at 4pm.hehe…if not there would be another problem.. another cases is its soo damn lucky that the doors problem didn’t occur during any of us have any final paper….if not? Eheh..another problem would occurs…

After getting ustaz yasir number at the notice board, abg zizi call ustaz yasir at 7.20pm. somehow ustaz yasir told us to wait till 9pm? Doesn’t make any sense is it ?
We have to bath,bla3…then about 7.30 we hang out at caféthen at 8pm we decided to go back to check our room and see if anything I could do. Our room infront of toilet, so its fun turning off the lamp while there actually someone bathing in the bathrooms.ehehe..we got nothing to do and we are stressed..
To make it short, about 8.30 amii was infront of my rooms, and giving me the idea of breaking in by kicking the door, so I accept his idea.. first combine kick we manage to let the door steel to bent, ok maybe it wasn’t bent but the wall holding the door breaks, thus a second kick solve the problems.
About 9pm++ me and abg zizi went to wardens office to make a report about our rooms..the warden on duty is really ….. not welcoming?? Whatever..but it is annoying..
We never really told them that we already breaks the door, instead we tell them the problem and told them that there is really no other choice other than breaks it. Then warden inside giving us permission to break the doors. Although the door already been taken down ;D
So problem solve…but not yettt!! The door cant be locked and someone have to keep a watch our room so that none of our stuff get stolen. They said that a repair team will be sent this MONDAY..can u imagine? We have to went through of taking really good care of our stuff.. u should really understand that this is THE END OF SEM.. stupid people do stupid things. So im really hope nothing bad really happen.. by the way, why did I call him abg zizi? Cuz he is the eldest, and our senior cuz he is sem 5 student..integration student from poli sabak bernam to be exact.

8 December 2009

Catcheye Advertisments

?...what is catcheye?....

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So where is the profit of catcheye?

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apakah itu catcheye?...

iklan catcheye makin lama makin melambang kat laman web blogger nie... mungkin diantara pembaca yang tidak mengetahui tentang catcheye ini... apakah catcheye?... catcheye ialah sebuah platform iklan online yang memungkinkan pengiklan untuk menghantar iklan mereka dalam cara yang sangat berkesan. Platform penghantaran iklan kami menjamin bahawa setiap iklan yang dilihat oleh unik dan sukarela pemerhati... mereka akan mendapatkan Catcheye mata reward yang dapat ditukarkan dengan wang tunai atau hadiah lainnya... mereka juga diminta untuk menjawab 3 soalan mudah yang berkaitan dengan iklan yang dipaparkan, sehingga memperkuat kesan dan pemahaman mereka tentang mesej yang disampaikan...

kemanakah hasil catcheye?..

Selain itu, Catcheye akan menyumbang kepada pertubuhan amal setiap kali iklan dilihat. Secara tidak langsung, ini membolehkan syarikat pengiklanan catcheye untuk memenuhi tanggungjawab sosial... secara tidak langsung syarikat mereka dapat mempromosikan perniagaan sekali...

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6 December 2009

what i give i get back

well, on the other side of what you give you get back,
its what i give i get back.
and today i might hurts someone's feelings, i know.
inevitable..sometimes u tend to choose the best,
of who treated you the most best,
someday it will be my turn
to be hurt...
dont you worry..
will be my turn.
and i will know how u feels
im soo sorry..
i know its not enough,
but the least i could say in this situation.
no use making excuse.


yesterday there was a meeting for those who already submitted the forms or for those who wish to join the MSK(Majlis Suai Kenal)
for January 2010, upcoming junior..i doesnt want to miss this opportunity so i decided to join along with the MSK.
somehow things look a bit easy to enter because they said that their main priority for MSK post is for SEM 1 who is going to be
in sem 2 next sem. so wish unfortunate to most of those sem5 going sem6 students..
so what best in MSK? i had been through MSK this year, now its turns for me to went behind the scene and see what they do,and
what i coud help to make the event to be better and more enjoyable.

but not forgetting the main point of the MSK, that is to introduce them new world that they are about to enter,about to get themself into.
through my experience last sem, its teach me alot on how to be strong and dont be an easy target of others who are trying to take advantage.
of course some might felt different, depends on how they accept all the test and warp into themself. if u think it as a positive way,
well its shoud be positive. but instead if u think of the opposite, the opposite things nor a negative impact will occur.

all who are choosen will be announce this Tuesday, 8/12/09 which is next upcoming weeks. those choosen also will have to go
through some facilitator training this 9/1/2010 (if im not mistaken) that mean that u have to come early a weeks than others student of ur ranks.
but the sacrifice are worth it, OF COURSE!
all those torturing,mentally and physically is a big test, whoever surrender early shall missed all the fun behind.
ok now time to sleep..
tomorrow is a big day.. because??
just a smile can described what goings to happen xD~