1 January 2010

It's 2010~!

YES, almost everywhere we go, we would see bloggers posting some NEW YEAR post,
its true 2010 is here!!(of course its does ;D)
i dont have any special celebration last night(its not that i always have though, never does)
but its a good thing 2010 arrived, new books, new determination and new memories shall be carved.
perhaps it was just like yesterday, i'm still think myself as a school kids,
but its not.
im turning into 19...(this 3february)
its kinda strange to be getting old, but everyone have to go through this.
so what is 2009 highlight for me?
~working as KBCC computer technician
~working as celcom promoter as SUARASA tv9
~working at restaurant(only 1 day xD)
~getting spm result last year?
~got a lot of free time
~buying my own pc
~a laptop ^_^
~my own broadband?
~did won 1 Public Speaking Competition
~start new life with nik farah (we're 1 month pluss++ now)

and a lot more, basically 2009 is kinda years where i get everything i want; well not everything, but almost of it.
i plan 2010 will be greater and better-- and hurt less feeling of others,
beside be more hardworking on assignment xD
i wish to get more friends, yet to hinder more enemy;its useless.
2009 bad memory?

(ignored the picture RUPIAH currency...i just google this picture hehe)

~got scammed on game about RM500
~my HTC Touch Pro 1 got stolen loss about Rm1800
~too much online game..is bad
~new lifestyle, although still cant agree about lecture not being so helpful@friendly. seems like "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" wont be archive this way of education.
~umi got pickpocket loss Rm1000 zZzz
~breakup with hajar(for almost 1years 8month we been together) @_@
~got this little double face friends;Evil and useless
~being hated my many;they're just jealousy, so ignored it xD
~and lots2 of more...

well hopefully 2010 is gonna be a great year, with totally improvement.
this is rule for 2010.
~trust no one;including friends
~dont be so hopeful
~be more hardworking
~less online gaming(or almost NONE) been involved since 2004,and addicted and now im quitting
~be more careful;dont be clumsy
~get better exam result
~do less mistake
~stay low
~not looking for trouble in 2010, so F@!K off!
~wont use money for expensive gadgets again xD
a lots2 more....

let wish this long journey of 2010 will be successful, no mistake is impossible,
but REDUCING mistake is always a achievable.
there u go, 2009 highlight and 2010 determination(new books yeay!)
hoping everyone to enjoy your New Year with joy, let put aside those tears for 1 whole day. Stay Happy, Stay OurOfTrouble, Stay Safe, Stay Away From Scammer@Criminal@Pickpocket@burglar and all sort of its;u know.
Happy New Year From me.


p.s:its actually 7.45AM of 01-01-10.
p.s2:i havent bath while making this post
p.s3: i dont know what p.s means... xD


ainaa.leogirl said...

byk yg besh dri ta besh 2009 ae........
hope 2010 nieyh tade langsung la bende2 ta besh 2..........

hapy new year...

Eyriqazz said...

slamat tahun baru..
bila mau update entry baru?

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